Board 3Subbu Iyer is a Design Thinker and Strategist, Practicing Enterprise Architect, Transformation & Innovation Evangelist, Business Process Engineering & Re-engineering expert, Passionate Transformation and  Change Manager and a Qualified and Successful IT Strategist and Enterprise Applications implementor.

He has architected commercially successful Products, authored path breaking research publications, evangelized on important forums and platforms on his areas of Practice and delivered significant business outcomes in his 26 years of professional existence so far.

He is also defined by his work in the area of Music & Fine Arts through the initiatives supported by his Aanandaa Foundation.

His disposition to life is still that of a 19 year old; Curious and Enthusiastic about the challenges that life and society pose and being able to respond to them with alacrity and dexterity to Thrive & Survive.

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  1. Tom Zbaren says:

    Hi Subbu,
    Thanks for taking the time to articulate your thoughts regarding the Bain and Company Research. Just to be clear, we do not espouse one school of thought; rather we prefer to find the intersections of leading best practices, filter that through or years of experience, and provide a platform that facilitates what we refer to as Lean Repeatable Growth for our clients. You make some very interesting points; however, I would suggest taking a closer look at the body of work by Bain & Company. I think you might find that your “read” on the concepts of Repeatability may not be totally accurate. Regardless, great input and I would welcome the opportunity to get to get better acquainted with you…perhaps a Skype call.

  2. Mr. Subbu Iyer

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