Globalization is Personal; Globality & Globalization are by design

E-mail pixel signYesterday I was in a chat conversation with a young person who is readying himself to travel to the US to get a Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences from Georgia Tech. And he was ruminating that he is going to miss his family and friends and that parting was difficult. And I retorted inadvertently, No…you are not going to miss them. They are going to be there with you 24*7 via Facebook, Google, Skype, Vonage and what not. And what is a 22 hour flight for someone who comes from an economic background as yours? Not only that, his parents keep traveling to the US on business all the time. And he has extended family all over the US. The choicest global cuisines including Indian are available in every segment of food business in the US or China or even Russia.

There was of course a time when an Indian left the shores of India and crossed the seas for nearly a month before he got to the US and even a letter took a couple of months to reach from one continent to another. The journey was unpredictable and life was too. There is a lot more certainty in every aspect of Logistics & Transportation as well as environment and conditions of living. We have brought all this change upon ourselves and we are physically global but have yet to condition our minds on the globality of life. Such a maturity on globality and globalization will happen the day we don’t see the barriers between nations and races and ethnicities and religions. We see a human race that is adapting to life on this planet and is striving for each other’s quality of life; not against each other’s quality of life!

Speaking of which, this morning I picked an elevator that arrived to take me to the 28th floor of my workplace. There was one other person already there waiting for the elevator. However, he did not make a move. So I held my arm to the sensors and asked him loudly whether he wanted to join in. He did and thanked me and even wished me a great day before he went out on the 16th floor. He was engaged on his mobile phone messaging and had not perhaps noticed the elevator which arrived away from him and therefore had not taken it. I could have for all my narrow mindedness let the elevator door close on me and travel solitary cooking up all kinds of theories on racism and spewed it out at the next available opportunity when someone pretended to be interested in my intellectual discourse. Thank God I did not opt for the latter. For such is our power to strengthen the barriers that plague our societies that destroys the quality of life.

chinese-zodiac-vector-6Therefore I wonder what all the Social Media is about! It is the most significant tool for promoting globality and globalization; and yet it is more parochial than ever. Businesses look upon it as a sole marketing tool and individuals look upon it as a personal advertising tool. Is this a flower garland in the hands of a monkey? Oh, I hear the protesters saying that it is only evolving….but what is the end game to that evolution. There needs to be a vision for evolution as well. Otherwise, the word used is “drifting” for it until the next wave catches you and tosses you to a spot you never intended to be in the first place!

Design therefore is essential, at a personal, enterprise and societal level to address this phenomenon called Globality and Globalization. Globality is a verb and Globalization is an adjective that needs to be understood and woven into the fabric of our lives.

Does that make sense to you? I would love to hear your comments….

About Subbu Iyer

Subbu Iyer is an Innovation & Transformation Leader as with 28 years of serving customers globally. He is currently the Chief Designer & Transformer at Energizing Innovation, an enterprise that is being founded to facilitate continuous growth in enterprises and as a consequence create societal wealth. The Radical Shift that this enterprise intends to employ is focusing on the Potential rather than the Performance of a business. He has been a serial entrepreneur and an intrapreneur in his past life, having founded Nihilent Technologies and Nandaki Systems besides being associated in senior leadership roles with firms such as Coopers & Lybrand, Cambridge Technology Partners, Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro Technologies and Steria.
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