The US Healthcare Debate

Everyone wants to be popular and say America needs healthcare. But not be smart enough to provide solutions when the Obama Administration is trying to build consensus. The real issue is not about whether America deserves healthcare as envisioned by the Obama Administration. The question is more on the high costs associated with the provision. And this is a legacy that Obama is carrying as the proverbial crucifix.

If we are to examine the legacy, it is clear that the process that is required to be co-joined as a Value Chain across the universe of Healthcare is split with discrete and dis-jointed transactions. If the Value Chain is connected from Patients / Customers, Hospitals, Care Providers, Drug Manufacturers, Regulatory Authority, Drug Distribution & Retailing, Business Organizations and  Insurance Providers, the cost of healthcare will come down dramatically. With other added practices such as Preventive Medicine and Life Style Change Management, costs can be further brought down. But the important thing is – these have to be connected and governed by a uniform process.

Improving returns to doctors and hospitals, building effectiveness around insurance fraud, improving the quality of care and well being and emphasis on research and development can actually bring forth the much desired cooperative movement that will answer the call of not adding to the tax payer the burden of Healthcare. To the contrary, the universe of customer value chain in the healthcare should part with part of the additional income generated through the process efficiency to fund the healthcare.

About Subbu Iyer

Subbu Iyer is an Innovation & Transformation Leader as with 28 years of serving customers globally. He is currently the Chief Designer & Transformer at Energizing Innovation, an enterprise that is being founded to facilitate continuous growth in enterprises and as a consequence create societal wealth. The Radical Shift that this enterprise intends to employ is focusing on the Potential rather than the Performance of a business. He has been a serial entrepreneur and an intrapreneur in his past life, having founded Nihilent Technologies and Nandaki Systems besides being associated in senior leadership roles with firms such as Coopers & Lybrand, Cambridge Technology Partners, Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro Technologies and Steria.
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