Risk…What is that?

Do you think there is anything at all you can do today that is not laden with risk? Let’s comapre a few simple things of life we have all taken for granted:

U could take a walk in the park or go to a movie carefree; well today, you are worried about a potential terror attack.

U could put your money in a bank and hope to be able to draw it out when you wanted. Today’s financial conditions do not guarantee you that.

You are educated. You do your job well. You cannot be jobless. Well, that is not true anymore.

Well, I could go on. The point of the matter is that simple. We have grown up on the economic principle of  understanding the “Risk of Doing” as opposed to the “Risk of not doing”. It is time that paradigm shift is made. By individuals, societies, enterprises, governments and others. That is the only way in which we will be able to make out sense from what is going around us.

Because, the risk of not doing something will always involve us. The risk of doing something will on the other hand not be one that imapcts us. When we know the impact on us, we would make change happen.

About Subbu Iyer

Subbu Iyer is an Innovation & Transformation Leader as with 28 years of serving customers globally. He is currently the Chief Designer & Transformer at Energizing Innovation, an enterprise that is being founded to facilitate continuous growth in enterprises and as a consequence create societal wealth. The Radical Shift that this enterprise intends to employ is focusing on the Potential rather than the Performance of a business. He has been a serial entrepreneur and an intrapreneur in his past life, having founded Nihilent Technologies and Nandaki Systems besides being associated in senior leadership roles with firms such as Coopers & Lybrand, Cambridge Technology Partners, Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro Technologies and Steria.
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